The Spending Diet – Week 1

We’ve been smart spenders since we started being more conscious of where our money is going — one whole week ago. In that short amount of time, we’ve opted out of unnecessary (near-impulse) purchases, declined invitations for long nights out and even chose to drink water during happy hour. Carrying around a mindset of “the next two beers could equal one night in a hostel somewhere” really puts your spending into perspective.

Even though it pains me not to have new skirts for summer, I won’t be trotting into H&M any time soon. The next apparel I spend my money on will be multi-use clothing bought specifically for our round-the-world trip. I’m so excited for the trip that I want to sprint to REI right now to browse, make purchases, put said purchases on my dresser and stare at or play with them for the next 11 months. The downside is that by early next year, all those purchases will have an upgraded version that’s more versatile, lighter, dries faster, glows in the dark and costs half the price. Or maybe the current version will just cost half the price by January 2012. Either way, waiting to buy is the zeitgeist of this era, and for good reason. So I’ll sit pretty for now and continue my online research of the best of what is out there.


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