Reverse Bucket List Top Picks

trapeze, half marathon, skydiving

Left to right: Landing a catch during a trapeze lesson, starting line for the half marathon and me skydiving.

To help get a sense of where our rtw trip will take us, we started making a bucket list of places we definitely have to visit, festivals we want to attend and random things we want to do (such as volcano boarding). Then I started thinking about all the awesome experiences I’m not adding to the list because I’ve already done them. So I made a reverse bucket list with these accomplishments, and I’m really amazed at my life and where my passion for adventure has taken me. Here are the top 15 list items I’m most proud of, in no particular order.

1. Backpack through Europe

2. Go skydiving (twice in Orange, Virginia, USA)

3. Snorkel above the Great Barrier Reef

4. Take trapeze lessons (Washington, DC, USA)

5. Sandboard on sand dunes (Kangaroo Island, Australia)

6. Volcano hike over live lava flow (Hawaii, USA)

7. Be VIP/All Access at a concert venue and hang out with the band — and drink their beer 🙂 (9:30 Club, Washington, DC, USA)

8. Paraglide off the top of a mountain (Grouse Mountain, Vancouver, Canada)

9. Snowboard in the French Alps

10. Hike through a rainforest (El Yunque, Puerto Rico)

11. Visit the tundra and see trees that have been alive more than 100 years but are only two feet tall (Alaska, USA)

12. Run a half marathon (Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA – Sept. 2009)

13. See a ballet at the Sydney Opera House

14. Attend a U.S. presidential inauguration (GW Bush in 2005 and Obama in 2009)

15. Watch the Celebration of Light off English Bay in Vancouver, Canada

What are yours?


5 responses to “Reverse Bucket List Top Picks

  1. Those are some awesome accomplishments. Of all of the ones you listed, I think the one that interested me the most was the snorkeling above the Great Barrier Reef. Watching the Celebration of Light off the English Nay would be a close second.

    • Thank you, Bob! Snorkeling above the Great Barrier Reef was quite an adventure, and something I highly highly recommend. The divers saw some cool fish, but the main action is right below the surface of the water, so it’s definitely worth it to snorkel. The Celebration of Light is hands down the best fireworks display I’ve ever seen.

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