In Our Packs: The Odd Six

Looking through the packing list porn online, you see the same usual travel items: duct tape, shower shoes, plug adapter, silk sleep sack, quick-dry towels and on and on go the lists. But then there are products that stand out and make you wonder, “Why in the hell are they bringing that?” or, hopefully, “Brilliant!”

We thought long and hard about what our packs would hold during our year+ RTW trip. Here is a spotlight on the odd six we’ll be trekking around with:

Starbucks Via Packets

Starbucks Via Ready Brew Packets
(idea credit: Beers and Beans)
Coffee is expensive and not always available in the middle of nowhere, but hot water usually is.

Vapur Anti-Bottle

(idea credit: Pierced Hearts and True Love)
Some water bottles take up space that could be used for, well, anything. Why bring something that can’t collapse when you can pack an item that can? I introduce you to the Vapur anti-bottle, which rolls up small enough to fit in even my back pocket.

Trailfinder LED Headlight
Whether camping or rummaging through our packs in a hostel at night, a headlight is really a necessity when budget traveling long term. Last time I backpacked, I only had a micro photon light stick. Amateur.

Universal Travel-sized Power Strip
Only one plug left at the airport or in the common room? Guess who can still charge their iPod, phone and computer!

Ankle Wallet
Ankle Wallet(idea credit: my dad gave me two the first time I went backpacking)
This genius product is great for holding keys, cash, credit cards and more. I use it when wearing pants or going for a run.

External Battery Pack
We’re not expecting to have the ability to charge our beloved iPhone while camping in Iceland or Africa. And who can travel without all those handy apps these days? This will allow us to charge and recharge our iPhone up to six times when an electrical outlet isn’t in sight.


One response to “In Our Packs: The Odd Six

  1. This is really a great list! I can vouch for the headlamp and, of course, the Via packs. And I will be adding the other items to our travel packing list for our future travels. If you want to go super budget on the Via packs, you can usually pick up non-Starbuck’s brand packs at the Dollar Store.

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