Tara Chops Off Her Hair

If you’ve been following our blog, you know that I’ve been toying with the idea of cutting off my long locks. I’ve only had my hair cut shorter than chin-length once in my life — third grade — and I hated it. But I thought that in the spirit of our “this will be the craziest thing I do in my life” trip, I should do something wildly different with my hair as well.

I wanted to get it cut before leaving the States, but we ended up  being so busy between our last day at work and heading out of town that I never got the opportunity. So I said that I’d test out traveling with long hair while we were in Iceland, then decide whether to cut it in Finland. I thought that with the Finns being so stylish I’d probably get a good cut. But it was too expensive there. Russia and Turkey didn’t fit the bill either (for their own reasons).

Then in Croatia, I read that the frizerski salons are cheap and give stylish cuts. In Rijeka, after lunch, we went up to one salon, but they were closed. A sign on the door indicated they went sailing. Then we came upon another, closed. We were about to give up and do touristy things when I hesitantly pointed one out, “That might be open.” I say hesitantly because while I wanted it done, I also didn’t want to do it and really just needed a push. Mike led the way into the salon, and before I knew it, I was getting my hair washed without even knowing what kind of cut I wanted.

When I sat in the barber chair, we signed onto WiFi on the iPhone, Googled “short haircuts” and chose one. The hairdresser didn’t speak English and I don’t speak Croatian. Fake sign language and Google Translate got us through it. And voilà! Here it is:

Tara Before Haircut

Tara Getting Her Hair Cut

She kept outlining my face with her hands to tell me that a short cut would look good with my features. I said “dobro” and “da” because that’s the only Croatian I know. The hairdresser kept saying things like, “super, super” and “yes, yes, yes” because that’s the only English she knows. She was shocked that I wanted to do something so drastic, and also excited to be given the opportunity to “do whatever you want with it.” I’ve always wanted to do that for a hairdresser. A few years ago I asked a hairdresser in DC if anyone ever came in and said “do whatever you want,” and she told me no one ever had but would love it if someone did.

Tara's Hair

Hairdresser Styling Tara's Hair

So I overcame my slight fear of traveling with short hair (a fear of being annoyed by it), and it’s really not so bad. If it gets annoying, I have a hat, headbands and a bandana. But I’m glad I took this final blind leap. When you flip your life upside down, you can’t hold back on your hair too.

Tara After Getting Her Hair Cut


28 responses to “Tara Chops Off Her Hair

  1. Tara, you look Fabulous with short hair. I shaved off my hair after I got my Masters degree in March and I haven’t looked back. It’s so much easier especially since you are backpacking. Enjoy the new look!

  2. Tara, I love the cut, it looks so good on you. I do love the layers in the back. I hope
    your new hairstyle will work well for you on your journey around the world.

  3. Looks great! It’s honestly the best thing you could do when travelling. I did the same thing when I left UK and with the heat here in Spain I can’t help but think thank God I did! Good luck with the rest of your travels 🙂

  4. Really love that in Croatia it’s acceptable to just close your business and go sailing. I think I need to move there. Seriously. And the haircut is super cute!

  5. Looks fabulous!!! But really, you could wear your hair any way. : )
    I used to keep mine really, really short. It is a lot easier to care for, but I had to get it cut often. The style you have will look good even if you leave it alone and let it grow in. A very good choice!!!

    • Thanks Dani! The maintenance part is def a hassle, but I’m just going to let it grow out through the rest of the trip, then cut it to my usual chin-length when I get back 🙂

  6. Stunning feathered cut… looks fab on you Tara! Really love the “leaps” you’ve taken this summer. You’ll never be the same ( in a good way) — Get home safe.

  7. I used to volunteer to do hair shows and was one of those that used to say “do whatever you want.” As a result, the stylists loved me….*and* I got a great cut/color and free products to boot! 🙂

    Your hair looks great short!

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