3-month Travelversary – By the Numbers

Tiny on a Camel

Meet our penguin, Tiny, who travels the world with us.

Today, September 6, is our three-month travelversary! We’ve been outside the USA on our 400-day weekend since June 6. For curious mathematical minds, here’s how our trip breaks down:

Days traveling: 92
Continents visited: 3 (Europe, Asia, Africa)
Countries visited: 8 (Iceland, Finland, Russia, Turkey, Croatia, Italy, Slovenia, Morocco)

Number of flights: 7
Buses (between cities we have overnighted in): 9
Trains (RT counted as one): 8
Boats/ferries (RT counted as one): 5
Cars rented: 1

Resting our heads
Number of beds slept in: 40
Times Couchsurfing: 5
Friends we’ve stayed with: 2
AirBnB: 2
Number of “it’s our honeymoon” upgrades: 2

Tiny at the Museum of Broken Relationships in Zagreb, Croatia

Year his overseas adventures began: 2007
Number of countries he has been to: 19

Other things we keep track of
Friends we’ve met up with: 4
Number of pictures taken: 9,074
Hours of footage recorded: more than 100 hours
Number of SIM cards purchased: 5
Number of (sets of) bed bug bites: Mike- 2 Tara- 3
Number of countries visited where you shouldn’t drink the tap water: 3
Airlines that served us a (free!) meal: 2 (Croatia Airlines and Royal Air Maroc)
Amount of camels a Berber man offered to Mike for Tara: 30
Items that broke: 2 Vapur anti-bottles, black tote bag (twice), a pen
What we haven’t used once: Steripen, additional shoelaces, emergency foil blankets (were for Iceland) and various meds (Cipro, Z-pak, Malaria pills, etc.)

Most invaluable item: brought- travel-size power strip; bought- Icelandic international cell phone
Least valuable item: headlights (used only in the Sahara)


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4 responses to “3-month Travelversary – By the Numbers

  1. Happy 3 month Travelversary!!! You guys have had quite the adventure thus far!!
    Love the pictures and the updates – keep them coming 🙂 HAVE FUN!! xoxox

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