Postcard from South Africa

Greetings from the Southern Hemisphere,

We finally made it down under, though not “Down Under,” yet. What was once autumn is now spring and the weather has been a little on the cooler side. It is nice to be back in a country where English is pretty much spoken by everyone. Not that we weren’t enjoying the Portuguese, Arabic, or Russian along the way, but sometimes it’s just nice to know what you’re ordering. South Africa has been a good primer for what we hope the rest of our Africa adventure will be: no mosquitos, lots of friendly people, awesome animals and potable water. Well, at least some of those would be nice.


Postcard from South Africa


4 responses to “Postcard from South Africa

    • We signed up for an overland tour through seven countries. We booked through On The Go, and they use a local company called Africa Travel Company. We’re a week into the trip, and so far it’s been great. When we stop in towns, language doesn’t seem to be a difficulty, as most people speak English. If we were overlanding on our own, the most difficult thing would be covering the long distances between campsites. Cities and gas stations in Namibia are few and far between. So far, it doesn’t seem like it would cause many problems to do on your own. Just make sure your fuel tank is always filled when you pass a gas station and stock up on food and water in case you don’t find a town for hours. A GPS or good map might be helpful too. Hope that helps!

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