Postcard from Malawi

Hello from far away!

Today we find ourselves in Malawi, the eighth African country we’ve visited on our RTW. It’s one of the poorest countries in the world but known as “the warm heart of Africa” because everyone is so nice. We spent much of our drive through Malawi watching the scenery and waving at children playing outside their huts. When Dr. David Livingstone came upon Lake Malawi, he called it the Lake of Stars. Night fisherman use lamps on their canoes, dotting the lake like stars in the night sky. Watching from the shore, it’s amazing how the water and sky blend together, each with their own constellations. But the real stars do something here that’s been difficult to spot elsewhere in the world. They twinkle. First, we thought a plane was flashing, but after watching for a while, we realized  that all the twinkling lights were indeed stars. We were mesmerized watching them flash and sparkle. Malawi is definitely a country we would love to return to.


Postcard from Malawi


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