Postcard from India

Namaste from India!

We’re happy to report that south India is waaaayyyy different from the north. Remember that post Tara wrote about culture shock? Well, we think it would have been a different post if we had traveled around the south first. It very well could be our own personal experience, but we think the people down here are genuinely friendly, the streets are much cleaner and the food has a richer flavor. We can’t get enough of local fish and coconut curries. The scenery is so calming, too. Palm trees, fish eagles and tranquil waters are now an enjoyable part of our days.

The truck in the photo is a common Indian-style truck that we’ve seen all over the country, but we feel it belongs in the south. The bright colors and celebratory nature seem to fit better with the residents down here. We also see a lot more smiles and find ourselves waving to children as much as we did in Africa. And to think we almost flew out of India early! We’re very glad we decided to stay another month in the south. It’s doing great things for our mental health. The Ayurvedic massages are pretty good for our physical well-being too!


Postcard from Kochi, India


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