GUEST POST: Epic Stag Weekend Wonders in Chelsea FC

It’s the big lad’s last weekend of freedom and you know you’ve got to make it a good one. Everyone knows that a night on the town doesn’t quite cut it anymore, and pulling out the big guns and making a break of it is the only way to go.

A stag weekend just wouldn’t be epic without getting all the boys involved. No matter how many mates the groom-to-be has got, rounding everyone up and getting everyone out can always be a challenge, but the best way to go about it is keeping your costs low for the basics and splurging on the fun stuff. Book hotels in Battersea from a low-cost hotel company to cut the expense out of the boring bits of your break.

If you’re doing it right, you won’t be spending much time in your hotel room anyway. Choosing to book hotels in Battersea from a trusted budget hotel firm will guarantee you’re paying as little as possible and more of the gents will be enticed to opt into your weekend away. Choose an accommodation facility that allows three adults per standard room, slashing the prices to as little as possible.

Try to plan your mate’s stag weekend around a big match day. Obviously this will depend on the date of the wedding, however, there is no longer the expectation that the event must take place the night, or even the evening, before the big day. If there’s a massive match on the calendar a month or so before the wedding, book hotels in Battersea for that weekend to really impress your diehard footy pal.

Think outside of the box when it comes to football. Ringing Chelsea FC and explaining your stag situ may give you a better chance of securing a large number of tickets, but while you’re on the phone don’t forget to ask what other activities they have on offer.

From stadium and museum tours, to after match meals, to booking time out on the pitch to have a game yourselves will add the wow factor to the groom’s footy mad weekend away. Be a little ballsy on the phone, don’t be shy when it comes to asking for discounts or any additional extras you fancy throwing into your stag package.

The rest really speaks for itself. A night out on the town is a must, but don’t forget to reserve tables if your pal is a bit of a foodie. Most restaurants will accept large parties, but you will need to book your table if you’re traveling in large numbers.

Disclosure: Content for this sponsored guest post was supplied by Travelodge.

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