Jonker’s Walk Night Market in Melaka, Malaysia

Jonker's Walk

The beginning of Jonker’s Walk in Chinatown. Melaka, Malaysia

Kung Fu Master Ho Eng Hui

Kung Fu Master Ho Eng Hui getting ready to destroy this coconut.

Kung Fu Master Ho Eng Hui 2

Three, two…ONE!

Kung Fu Master Ho Eng Hui 3

Kung Fu Master Ho Eng Hui pokes a hole in the coconut with his FINGER. This guy’s legit.

Making radish cake

Making radish cake.

Radish Cake

Yummy radish cake!

Oyster Balls

Making oyster balls. This seems to require some serious skill and concentration.

Baby octopus on a stick

Baby octopus on a stick.

Dim sum

Choose your own dim sum to go.

Making oyster omelets

Making a giant oyster omelet. Er, a big one to split among many hungry eaters.

Oyster Omelet

Oyster omelet.

Fried "carrot cake"

Fried “carrot cake.” Contains neither carrots nor sweet stuff (at least from what we could taste).

What is your favorite night market or hawker food in the world?


8 responses to “Jonker’s Walk Night Market in Melaka, Malaysia

  1. Jonker’s Walk is great on the weekends, though I disliked how most of the non-food vendors were simply flogging useless crap clearly aimed at tourists. Did you get the chance to visit any of the weeknight markets while in Melaka? We visited one that was about a 30 minute walk from the center of the old town and it was AMAZING… SO MUCH FOOD.

    (Also, if night markets are your thing, then you must visit Taiwan. They have perfected the art of the night market!)

  2. I guess you didn’t go to the local market that is on every Tuesday night and it’s a 30 minutes walk from the center. That is just for local, in fact we were the only ‘tourists’ there. The food was simply superb! 🙂

    • Sounds awesome. We were only in Melaka for two nights. It was either a Th/Fr or Fr/Sa. I’m pretty much in love with Malaysian food. We were only supposed to be in Malaysia a week and now it’s been about 3-4!

  3. Glad you enjoyed your trip to Melaka and experience Jonker wallk. As for now, our government decided to close it due to political reasons. Thank you for posting up the lovely and lively pictures of Melaka Jonker walk. 🙂

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