How to Get a Myanmar (Burma) Visa in Bangkok

Many people opt to apply for a Myanmar visa in Bangkok for two reasons: The process is quick and very simple and the cheapest flights into Myanmar depart daily from Bangkok. The visa is valid for three months from date of issue, and once you are in Myanmar you are allowed a 28-day stay.

We went through this process, and it was quick and painless. Shortly after receiving our visas, we traveled through Myanmar for three weeks, visiting eight cities. If you want more information about the country or things to do there, check out our other Myanmar posts!

The Myanmar Embassy

Getting to the Embassy

Address: 132 Sathorn Nua Road
Phone number: (662) 233 2237 or (662) 233 7250

The embassy is in the Sathorn district and easy to locate. If you’re looking for a quick way to get there (i.e.: not the public bus) without shelling out for a taxi, tuk tuk or motorbike taxi, you have two options. If you’re staying along the Chao Phraya River, take a public ferry to Sathorn central pier. From there, you can either walk about 20 minutes (away from the river on Thanon Sathorn) or go one stop on the BTS (sky train) to Surasak. Then the embassy is just a couple blocks away on the corner of Thanon Sathorn and Thanon Pan. Likewise, if you’re near a BTS or MRT station, just take the train to Surasak, which is on the BTS Silom Line.

When you exit the BTS station, walk toward the pedestrian overpass on Sathorn (the river will be behind you), and you will be headed in the right direction. You want to be on the left side of the street, which is opposite St. Louis Hospital. You’ll see the embassy on the corner a couple blocks ahead. The entrance is on Pan, so you will make a left off Sathorn.

Corner That Myanmar Embassy is on

The corner the Myanmar Embassy is on: Sathorn and Pan.

What You Need

Always double-check information provided here with the consulate as things can change at any time.

1)   Cash: The embassy offers three visa services: same day (1260 baht), next day (≈1000 baht) and two days (810 baht). Yes, they provide change.

2)   Application form: Blue or black ink is fine. The form is double-sided and asks for work history, where you’ll stay in Myanmar, and basic personal information. You can either get this for free from counter 4 inside the embassy (read: after doors open at 9am), print it yourself or pick up one for 5 baht from a copy/print/fax shop down the street (more on this shop later).

Myanmar Visa Process

A sign at the embassy.

3)   Two passport-sized photos: There is a shop that offers photo services just across the street from the embassy’s gate. One photo will be clipped to the application and the other will be glued. The embassy provides scissors, glue and paperclips next to counter 4.

4)   A copy of your passport: If you don’t have a copy, go to the copy/print/fax shop to obtain one for a few baht.

5)   Your passport: This seems obvious, but don’t forget it in the hotel! Make sure you have at least six months before it expires and a blank page for the full-page visa.


Submitting Your Visa Application

We arrived at 8:45am on 3 April and there were about 30 people in line ahead of us. By the time we left at 9:45am, the line had shorten to 20 people total and was no longer spilling onto the sidewalk. You can arrive early if you are worried about a long line, but you probably don’t need to. The staff is really quick and efficient.

There are chairs for those waiting to pay and tables for those needing to complete the application form. The main line brings you to counter four where you hand over your completed application. The staff member checks it over and asks what service you’d like (same day, next day, two day). He or she will hand it all back to you with a number. Sit down and wait until your number is called and displayed on an electronic screen. Proceed to the counter indicated on the screen. Hand in your completed application, passport and cash. They can provide change if you only have large bills. They will give you a yellow receipt that indicates when you can pick up your passport and which counter to queue at.

Updates from a reader (thank you, Jane E.!): “A couple of small updates. A couple of vehicles park right outside the Myanmar Embassy these days with portable equipment and supplies to help with copying etc. I needed one paper clip and a dab of glue and was given these willingly and not charged. Secondly, the Embassy tends to let people wait inside the air-conditioned building until opening time, which is a relief from the heat. Otherwise, it’s pretty much as you describe it. Regarding cost, the 2-day visit still costs the same (810THB) as of July 2014.”


Picking Up Your Visa and Passport

Pick-up hours are 15:30-16:30. About 50 people were waiting at 15:15 when we showed up. Though because of the sun, they were scattered on either side of the street. Bring a newspaper or something to block out the sun and wait in line by the gate so you’re first in. Be sure to queue up at the counter number indicated on your yellow receipt. Hand over the slip and receive your passport. Don’t forget to check over the visa before exiting to ensure that all information is correct.

Through it all, don’t forget to smile and be polite! They don’t like smelling hordes of sweaty people all day either.

Visa Entrance at Night

Here’s where you enter to get your visa. Not at night though 🙂 This was the only time it was completely empty out front.

Hours and Holidays

The embassy is open Monday through Friday, except on holidays. Application submission hours are 9am to 12pm, and collection hours are 3:30-4:30pm (15:30-16:30).

2013 Embassy Holidays

Observed Myanmar and Thai holidays for 2013.

How to Get to the Copy Shop

If you are facing the reflective “The Embassy of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar” sign, walk left up Pan (away from Sathorn). You’ll pass a couple buildings before hitting a side street on your right. You’ll know you’ve hit the side street when you see yellow signs with a black arrow. Turn right and the shop will be on your right. The owner is friendly and quick to help. If you prefer to fill in the application while you wait in line, pick one up here for 5 baht.

Signs for Copy Shop

Yellow signs indicating the copy shop.

Copy Shop

The side street the copy shop is on.

If you found this helpful and want to read more about Myanmar, check out more posts from our MyANmar trip!


If you visited the embassy in Bangkok and notice that things have changed, please put them in the comments or email me to help fellow travelers!



76 responses to “How to Get a Myanmar (Burma) Visa in Bangkok

  1. Hey guys! I am in Bangkok too! If you fancy meeting up, drop me a line. Great informative post. I would also say that when you fill out the work section on the visa, don’t say “blogger”, writer or journalist. Even though things are opening up fast, they are still a little paranoid on those professions. We siad we were chefs!! Everybody loves food 🙂

    • Thanks, Paul! We left Bangkok for Chiang Mai a few days ago. Will be back in about a week and a half to fly to Myanmar, but guessing you’ll be gone by then.

      • That’s a shame. Yeah I leave back to London on Thursday. The internet is getting better. It’s still slow but it is becoming more available. Our place in Bagan seemed to have the best wifi.

        Btw, I think as of last week local sim cards have gotten really cheap which might be handy for you. Also (thankfully) they don’t seem too picky anymore on the state of your dollars plus there are atm’s popping up everywhere! lol.

        Enjoy it. (Check out the photos we took of the lovely people on our latest blog.)

        • Thanks for the info, Paul. I read an article about $2 SIM cards, which is awesome considering they cost hundreds a couple years ago! Are ATMs dispensing dollars or local currency?

          • I know we read that they were $2000!!! Crazy.
            We actually did not use the atm’s as we got all our dollars in Thailand. So I am not sure. When you land in Yangon, I would get some Kyat as for most things we paid in Kyat like taxis, food etc.

            The only things we paid for in dollars was trains, hotels and tours.

  2. Great post with so much helpful information! We’ll probably do exactly as you did and try to get to Burma via Bangkok, so I’m glad that I’ll now have this handy how-to guide to ease the process! 😀 And can’t wait to hear all about the other end of things when you finally made it to Myanmar!

    • Thanks, Steph! The process was so easy. Definitely recommend getting your visa in Bangkok. We fly to Myanmar in two weeks. If the Internet situation is as bad as everyone says, we won’t have any posts going up for about a month.

  3. Thanks for sharing! Internet cafes are pretty common around Yangon. Several of the fancier expat places have WiFi, too, if you badly need to be connected. Ginki Kids and Coffee Circles are two WiFi spots in Yangon where you can get food or a drink while you check you email. ATMs here (theoretically) dispense kyats. They’re very new, not too common and I have yet to actually meet someone who has successfully withdrawn money from one. So yes, you can probably rely on them, but definitely have a back-up plan.

    I’ll be leaving Yangon for a brief Bangkok trip on April 20th. I should have all my documentation in order to return with a business visa, but if that doesn’t work out your details on getting a tourist visa will be useful.

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  5. Hi guys, thanks for the info! I’m just wondering about whether you were required to have some ‘proof of the trip’ (ie. your flights in and out of Myanmar booked and a place to stay) before applying for the visa? This seems to be a requirement if you are applying to the Myanmar Embassy in the US, but not if you apply in London, so I’m not sure about in Bangkok?


    • Hi Jeremy. Thanks for your comment. No, it was not a requirement in Bangkok. However, we heard that if you apply for the quickest turnaround you must show them proof of having a flight that leaves within 24 hours. But we did two-day and there was no such requirement. As things are always bound to change, be sure to phone the consulate or check their website for the latest requirements.

    • Thanks for that information. I want to just caution readers that this is not yet official, and you should always check with an official source, like the embassy or government’s official tourism website, to avoid scams.

  6. Thanks for the info, Tara!
    I first went to Myanmar last year and obtained the visa here in Canada. This time around I think I’ll just get it in Bangkok; seems like a simple process.

    Happy travels!


    • It is my understanding that a visa on arrival is still not available, so you must obtain it beforehand. Call the consulate to double-check. One visa should cover you for flying in as well as overland crossing. I’ve never had to obtain a different type of visa depending on how I arrive. Safe travels!

        • Hi Richard, your best bet is to check with your local Myanmar consulate as to whether they require that information to process your visa application (each one may require something different). That information might be on the consulate’s website, or they should have an email address or phone number on the site.

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  8. Hey, thanks so much for posting on this! Your page comes up 4th in a google search for “Myanmar Embassy Bangkok.” fyi 🙂
    I am going to Myanmar on Dec 7th, and am getting worried about the visa. I am still in the US now and just spoke to the consulate in NYC–they take 5 days (with thanksgiving next week they said that means I could submit this monday and pick up the following monday), but I’m thinking that getting my visa at the embassy in BKK would be better because I’m trying to book my flight out for monday…it just makes me nervous to cut it so close!

    From what you know, dropping off my application one day and picking up the visa the next business day is possible in Bangkok, right? (I can’t call them now to check and on their website it says the turnover is “two working days”…) Earliest I can get to BKK is Dec 3rd at night, so I’d be going to embassy in bangkok in the morning of Dec 4th, and pick up the visa on Dec 6th (dec 5th is a holiday, the king’s birthday). I really appreciate your posting so much info about this embassy and how to get there, etc!!

    Also, what about the work history part? My last “job” was graduate student and haven’t gotten a real job yet since I’ve been traveling. What did you guys list, I know you were traveling for looks like a year and not working 😉

    • Yay! We’re so official 🙂 From what we know about the visa process, you can get it next-day. Since the 5th is a holiday, dropping it off on the 4th should allow you to get it on the 6th, as you said. If you’re really worried about it, you could request same-day. It’s more expensive, of course, but that way if there is anything wrong with your application you will know later that day and could potentially get everything settled in time for pick-up on the 6th.

      “Student” is always ok to put under the employment field. I think they’re mostly screening for people with high-profile jobs like journalists or humanitarians. Since I’m a certified fitness instructor, I put Fitness Instructor for my job title on every application. Employer = self. Freelance anything (except journalist) is a safe play. Good luck, and safe travels!

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  10. Just wanted to say two things:

    1- Your blog post is without a doubt the most useful and accurate source on the web for getting Myanmar visas in Bangkok.
    2- Just got a Myanmar visa in Bangkok yesterday. Easy as pie, and exactly as you had described here. I got the same day visa and there were absolutely no hassles. They’re actually pretty efficient given the number of people that show up at the consulate every day.

    Great job! And thanks for all the help. Please don’t hesitate to reply to this post if you want any more details on my experience getting the visa.

    • Great to hear the process is still easy – and our description is still accurate! Thank you for the feedback. We’re very happy our post helped you out! Safe travels and have fun in Myanmar!

      • I did this process for a one day visa. It was pretty easy, but your post is so clear, it brought it all back and I feel confident to do it again this year. Thanks

  11. Hi Tara,
    I wonder if they also have the same day Visa service for Ex-Myanmar. Here is 6 to 10 days in Washington DC (even in person and the only person in the line). I just had it. That’s why I rather go to Thailand if it is less hassle. Thanks in advance!

  12. Thanks for the clear instructions!

    I was hoping to go to the embassy tomorrow, but just realized that my Canadian passport expires two weeks shy of the six month requirement. Think it’s worth giving it a shot anyway?

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  14. Guys, thank You so much. We are two travelers from Croatia, me first time in Asia, and imagine the cultural shock. With Your input we basically switched off our brains and just followed the instructions. You should run a travel agency or something like that. Once again, huge thank You!!!

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  16. Hi guys,
    thank you so much for the great infos. I’m going to apply for my Myanmar Visa in Bkk in two days and your post makes the logistic so easy!!!
    Do you know if I can use Euro in Myanmar or I have to bring USD? I work in Egypt and here it is not so easy to get USD.

    • We saw some exchange bureaus that allow you to exchange Euro, but those were few and far between. That was about 8 months ago, so it’s possible that it could’ve changed, but we recommend getting USD when you’re in Bangkok just in case. That’s what we did, and we didn’t see anyone exchanging Euro in Myanmar, only USD. When we were getting our visa, they accepted Baht or USD. Safe travels!

    • We didn’t need to show proof of a hotel booking. A lot aren’t available online for pre-booking either. As for flights, we heard that you do need to show proof if you’re applying for a same-day visa. They want to make sure the urgency is real. Since we did two-day, we didn’t need to show proof of inward or outbound transport.

  17. Thanks to you Tara, I managed to get my Myanmar visa in less than 4 hours…
    I arrived at Suvarnabhumi airport at 9.30 am, at 10.35 am I had crossed immigration checking and got my luggage and was ready to take the train. I arrived at the embassy at 11.55 am, just before closing time, but when you’re inside, it’s OK !
    Here is the itinary from the airport :
    – take the City Line train to the terminus Phaya Thai (45 THB)
    – look for BTS (Sky Train) connection and buy your ticket to Surasak station (37 THB)
    – follow Bearing direction and go down at Siam station
    – connection to Bang Wa direction, stop at Surasak and then follow Tara’s instructions to reach the consulate
    Fee for one-day visa is 1260 THB. Tomorrow morning I leave Bangkok to Chiang Mai !
    Today it wasn’t necessary to wait before consulate opening (3.30 pm) : as I was in the last ones, I got my visa in 20 minutes, with almost nobody waiting after me…
    Note that the visa is valid for 3 monthes, even if the Myanmar embassy in Bangkok says it is valid for only one month. This means that with my today’s visa (January 23rd), I have to enter Myanmar before April 22nd. The duration of stay is limited to 28 days.
    Tara, you shared a very helpful advice.

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  19. definitely one of the most useful posts I’ve read. Thank you for sharing Tara. My hubby and I are currently in the Philippines – Phuket – Bangkok and would love to then see Burma – which airline do you recommend for an inexpensive direct, one-way flight?

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  22. Thanks for your post. I know the option is 2 days, but is it possible to pick up my passport after 2 days? (I’m planning on making a trip to Phangan for 3 days and then coming back to Bangkok, at which point I’d like to pick up my passport)

    • I doubt they’d hold it hostage if you didn’t pick it up by a certain date, but if you’re traveling you might want it with you. You may need it when you check into your accommodations and if any unforeseen issue arises. I’d opt for the same day or next day so you can have your passport with you while you travel.

  23. Excellent and very useful post! The details were great. I loved your post so much that I linked to it in my post about Bangkok –! We took a chance and didn’t have tickets booked to/from Myanmar when we went to the embassy, but they didn’t ask us about that. We got next day visas, and it worked out totally fine. We met a fellow traveler who got a same day visa, and they didn’t ask her to show proof of flights (which she hadn’t booked yet). Might just be an exception, but if you have time, like she did, I guess you could chance it. We are heading to Myanmar next, and definitely looking forward to it!

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  25. Hi Tara, thank you for your post. Indeed very helpful for travelers planning to explore Myanmar and I’m one of these hopeful travelers ^_^. Just to clarify, so I can be a tourist in Bangkok and apply for a Myanmar visa there? Do you happen to know if this is applicable to any nationality?

    • Hi Mulan, you’ll want to double check with the embassy, but there shouldn’t be an issue in Bangkok. We met people of many nationalities getting their visa there because Bangkok is said to be one of the easiest places to get it. Good luck and safe travels!

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  27. Hi Tara,

    Thanks so much for this helpful blog. Me and my friend are planning to go to Myanmar in July (we’re leaving in 2 weeks) and we’ve just found out that we need a visa before entering the country! I think we are doing this at the embassy in Bangkok (after reading your blog it doesn’t seem be too hard.. i hope). My question is, do u need a flight ticket to Myanmar already so u can show them at the embassy when u depart? Is a one way ticket okay? Or is just crossing the border by bus also fine?
    Thanks in advance!


    • We weren’t required to show proof of entry or onward travel when getting a visa (and it was definitely easy to get in Bangkok). We heard that those wanting a same-day visa might need to show documentation, though, as proof of leaving within the next 48 hours. When we visited Myanmar, you couldn’t cross the border by bus, so we unfortunately can’t speak to that. You might be able to get some answers by calling the embassy if you have any lingering doubts or questions. Happy travels!

  28. If you need a cheap place to stay close to Myanmar embassy i recommend you to stay at “Baan Sathorn Backpacker”. It’s a very nice house with a beautiful garden close to BTS Surasak and a short walk to the embassy.
    Here is their website:
    Hope it will be helpful.

  29. Thanks to your clear instructions our visa application was seamless and easy. There is a photocopy service available at the Myanmar embassy when you walk in. I was able to get my passport copied for 3B on site as I already had two passport photos with me.

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