Chiang Mai Sunday Night Market

Thai tacos

Thai tacos. A delicious bite-sized dessert. The exterior is thin and crispy and tastes like a fortune cookie. The inside consists of sweet fluffy cream and fried strings of egg yolk.

Chinese Buns

Chinese steamed buns.

Balling and cooking meat balls

Balling and cooking meat balls.

Enoki wrapped in bacon

Enoki wrapped in bacon.

A clock, not food

There are other things at the market, like this clock. But you’re not interested in seeing wares, right? Just food. Thought so 😉

Chocolates on a stick

Chocolate cake balls on a stick.

Pork on a stick

Pork on a stick. Looks like tofu, right? Wrong! Veggies, don’t make that mistake!

Grilling sticky rice

Grilling sticky rice balls and corn cobs.

Fried quail eggs

Fried quail eggs.

Pad Thai

Pad Thai ready to feed the masses.



WARNING! The last three photos might gross you out, especially if the previous images made you hungry. Spoiler: fried bugs!





Fried Giant Water Bug

Fried giant water bug.

Fried Bamboo Worms

Fried bamboo worms.

Fried crickets

Fried crickets.


7 responses to “Chiang Mai Sunday Night Market

  1. And here I was planning on going somewhere closer to save a ridiculous amount of money on flight costs, but here you go and show me all sorts of Thai food and now I have to go there.

    • Yes, it’s huge! We were there for songkran and it was absolutely nuts. Definitely a cool experience. Were you in Thailand for songkran?

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