GUEST POST: The Underwater Museum of Cancun

In Cancun, a totally unique sight awaits those who enjoy scuba diving. Beneath the waves of the incredibly clear waters of the Mexican Caribbean, a cultural and scientific wonder is being installed to wow art lovers, culture enthusiasts and sea-life spectators alike. Artist Jason deCaires has created a set of sculptures that depict the evolution and cultural development of the Mayan people from a contemporary cultural viewpoint, which will amaze you with their realism.

The sculptures will do more than just look pretty and stand as an underwater monument to modern man’s artistic and evolutionary achievements though, as the sculptures will be home to huge masses of coral reef life that will encourage a great underwater ecosystem to grow there. The protected National Marine Park, which hosts this amazing spectacle, hopes to raise Cancun’s profile as a world culture center and encourage people to take a dive in their captivatingly beautiful seas.

The museum will be 100% eco-friendly and visits will be planned around leaving as little of an impression as possible on the budding underwater wildlife and the coral that will support amazing sea life. The sculptures themselves are made from materials that naturally encourage coral life and will change in appearance over time, meaning a repeat visit will be rewarded with a fresh look at the evolving art work.

There’s nothing quite like this in the rest of the world, and Cancun Flights are very reasonable – so if you are looking for an experience you really won’t get anywhere else, head to Cancun and dive down to witness the evolution of a fascinating people and the cultural changes that defined them. Not to mention a stunning natural haven that will wow even the most experienced scuba divers, and always have something new to offer when you can’t help but go back for another look.

Disclosure: Content for this sponsored guest post was supplied by Thomas Cook.

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