5 Gifts for the Travelaholic in Your Life

The holidays are here, and if you haven’t already thought about gifts for the travelaholic(s) in your life, we have you covered! These items are bound to fuel their travel addiction and help make any aspect of their away-from-home adventures more enjoyable. If you have other interesting gift ideas to share with your fellow travelers, please leave your thoughts in the comments section below. Safe travels and happy holidays!

1. Hooded Travel Pillow

This is the product we would have invented had we not seen it online first. It eliminates the need for an uncomfortable eye mask and is therefore the perfect neck pillow for travelers who want a little shut-eye in transit.

Hooded Travel Pillow

Hooded travel pillow in action. Photo courtesy of BustedTees.com.

2. Scratch-off World Map Poster

A great gift for those who can barely keep track of where they’ve been! This world map allows you to color the countries you have visited by scratching them off. How cool is that?!

Scratch-Off World Map

Scratch-off world map adorning your wall. Photo courtesy of Beth S.

3. Ten-Liter Dry Bag

They’re not just for divers! The benefits of a dry bag for travelers cannot be understated. It will protect your belongings (especially electronics!) from the sun, sand and rain. We used our 5-liter dry bag when kayaking, scaling sand dunes and walking around in the heat of the day. Sometimes we felt it was a little small, so we would recommend upgrading to a 10-liter bag.

Dry Bag

Our handy green 5L dry bag taking a break on the bed.

4. LifeStraw

Want to help the traveler you love save money on the road and keep them hydrated? Buying bottled water can really add up. Help cut out that expense with this amazing water filter!


LifeStraw personal water filter in action. Photo courtesy of Amazon.com.

5. World Travel Adapter with 2 USB Outlets

Anyone who travels with electronics will love this adapter. Not only will it plug into outlets in 150 countries, but it also accepts multiple plug styles and has a pair of USB charging ports that allow you to simultaneously charge a smartphone, camera battery, and more.

World Travel Adapter

World travel adapter with dual USB charger. Photo courtesy of Amazon.com.


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