Exploring Egypt, Day 5

Day 5 – Felucca cruise on the Nile

Onward we went to Luxor after a night on the boat’s deck, surrounded by a mosquito net. Everyone on board relaxed, read a book and slept while waiting for the next delicious meal. It was lovely watching the world go by. The view of palm trees and lush grass with desert sand beyond was a gorgeous sight.

A felucca on the Nile

A felucca on the Nile.

Our felucca docked

Our felucca docked for dinner.

Mike "walking the plank"

Mike “walking the plank.”

That night, we made a bonfire on the beach and local Nubians joined us for drum playing, singing and dancing. H told us this is a typical way for them to pass the night – singing, dancing and enjoying each other’s company. It’s interesting to visit places where the locals have a simple way of living compared with what we’re used to back in the States (even primitive, as H said). Life is slower. Meals are shared. Cafes are buzzing. And life is rich without being wealthy.

Beautiful Nile-view sunset

Beautiful Nile-view sunset.

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