Green Curry with Chicken in Coconut Milk Recipe

Below is the recipe for Aon’s green curry with chicken in coconut milk from Red Chili Thai Cooking School. Some of the ingredients we used in class may be unavailable in many countries, so just substitute where required. Since we don’t eat chicken, we made this dish with a textured vegetable protein (TVP) “chicken,” and it was a fine substitute. Enjoy!

Green curry in coconut milk

Green curry in coconut milk.

1 tbsp vegetable oil
1 tbsp green curry paste
1 cup coconut milk
2 pieces kaffir lime leaves, take out the stem and tear into quarters
4 oz chicken (or bean curd or TVP for vegetarians)
5-10 pieces pea eggplant (if unavailable, cut up a small onion)
1 Thai eggplant, cut into eighths by slicing in half, then halving each piece, then slicing each remaining piece in half
1 tbsp fish sauce
1 tbsp palm sugar (or white sugar)
2 stalks sweet basil leaves, leaves only
half of one spicy red pepper, sliced angled

Step 1: Heat the oil on high in a wok for 15 seconds. Then add the green curry paste and  stir fry for 45 seconds to awaken the flavors. Add half of the coconut milk to keep it from burning and mix thoroughly for 45 seconds. Add the chicken and stir fry until it is white.

Step 2: Once the chicken is white, add the rest of the coconut milk and bring the mixture to a boil. Once boiling, add the cut vegetables (eggplant and onion, if you’re doing the latter). Also add the fish sauce and palm sugar at this time and continue boiling. It will take a few minutes to cook the vegetables. Do not stir them too much during this time.

NOTE: Test the eggplant to see if it is cooked. With the cut side down, gently press down on the skin with the back of your spoon. If the cut side slips on the pan a little, it’s done. (It should be soft and have some give, but not too much.) If it becomes mushy, you’ve overcooked it.

Step 3: When the eggplant is cooked, add the kaffir lime leaf pieces and stir for 30 seconds. Then add the sweet basil leaves and stir until wilted.

Step 4: Spoon the green curry into a bowl and garnish with a sprig of basil and the red pepper slices. Serve warm and enjoy the scent and taste!


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