Skipping Scams at the Thai-Cambodia Border Crossing

Visa Scam Center

Turn right to encounter your first visa scam of the day!

I was anxious about crossing into Cambodia. Mike and I read up on a couple border scams and we were prepared to be misled and lied to, but I didn’t know how our pushback would be received. One thing was certain: We were determined to exit Thailand and enter Cambodia without paying a cent more than the official rate.

We had a few options for getting from Bangkok to Cambodia (trains, buses and combinations). Ultimately, we chose a relatively new bus service run by the Thai government that travels directly from Bangkok to Siem Reap. The direct route seemed like the quickest and easiest option. We could also order the bus tickets online, which we love to do so we can accumulate credit card reward points. We thought that using a government bus would mean avoiding the infamous Cambodia visa scam, but we were wrong. Continue reading


Making Som Tam in a Bangkok Alley

Sathorn Road in Bangkok

The main thoroughfare that our hotel was tucked away from.

For our first of three planned visits to Bangkok, Mike and I decided to stay in the Sathorn district. We booked a hotel within walking distance to the Myanmar embassy so that (you guessed it) we could get our visas. Our home for three days was tucked inside a residential area with narrow winding streets and small alleys. Along our walk to the main thoroughfare, we passed small food stalls mostly selling grilled fish and chicken.

One day en route to lunch, we passed a woman making som tam, or green papaya salad. We got hooked on it the first time we tried it in Phuket. It’s spicy, savory and not fried like so much Asian food. After walking five paces past her stall, we stopped and turned around. There were two women ahead of us in line. A lot of smiles were exchanged among us, as is the norm in Thailand. Continue reading

How to Get a Myanmar (Burma) Visa in Bangkok

Many people opt to apply for a Myanmar visa in Bangkok for two reasons: The process is quick and very simple and the cheapest flights into Myanmar depart daily from Bangkok. The visa is valid for three months from date of issue, and once you are in Myanmar you are allowed a 28-day stay.

We went through this process, and it was quick and painless. Shortly after receiving our visas, we traveled through Myanmar for three weeks, visiting eight cities. If you want more information about the country or things to do there, check out our other Myanmar posts!

The Myanmar Embassy

Getting to the Embassy

Address: 132 Sathorn Nua Road
Phone number: (662) 233 2237 or (662) 233 7250 Continue reading