Explore Singapore on a Budget

Not many people had nice things to say about Singapore before we arrived.

Singapore Skyline

Singapore skyline at night.

“It’s expensive.”
“Just another big city.”
“It’s so not Southeast Asia.”

It’s frustrating to me when people compare, say, Singapore to Bangkok. Well, obviously they’re going to be different. You have to look at cities – like people – as individuals with their own unique characteristics. (While I’m at it, the same goes for the pyramids. Can everyone stop trying to compare them to Petra? They’re completely different!) And Singapore has a lot going for it. Yes, it’s a big city, but that also means there are a lot of activities for visitors, and not all of them will break the bank.

We’re budget travelers and certainly not Singapore experts, but we were successful in experiencing a lot while spending $25USD* per day per person outside of accommodation costs. Here are our best tips for spending a little and doing a lot:

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