Eight Delicious Dishes From Around the World

1. Maine Lobster Roll in Perkins Cove, Maine, USA

Lobster rolls all over New England are delicious, but where better to have a Maine lobster than in Maine? They aren’t cheap, but this one from Perkins Cove was well worth the price and drive to get there.

Maine Lobster Roll

Maine lobster roll in Perkins Cove, Maine, USA

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Can You Drink the Water in…

Cold Water in India

But is it potable?

We don’t travel with guide books. They add too much weight, take up precious space and buying a new one for each country we visit would cost too much. Sometimes we read the ones left behind in guesthouses, but mostly we look to the Internet for a few important answers. Before arriving in a new country, we always look up the following information:

1) the local currency and exchange rate
2) what the tipping etiquette is
3) any local customs or important cultural differences
And, super important:
4) can you drink tap water without getting sick?

This last question has become very important to us. Being in constant travel mode between very foreign places has caused us to miss certain things, and ice on a very hot day is one of them. Sometimes, if you can’t drink the local water, you can’t have ice, a smoothie or diluted juice. But other times, like in Malaysia, ice is made in factories and purchased by local establishments. Thank you, Malaysia! But we wish you the best if you attempt to drink ice water in India.

Obviously this is very important information to be prepared with. Here’s a breakdown of countries we spent significant time in during our trip and whether you can drink from the tap.* Some of them may surprise you:

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3-month Travelversary – Noteworthy Experiences

Our most worthwhile experiences in photos!


Puffins in Iceland

Driving on top of a fjord to the westernmost part of Europe to stand within feet of puffins


Natural hot pot in Iceland

Relaxing in a natural hot pot in Iceland.

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3-month Travelversary – By the Numbers

Tiny on a Camel

Meet our penguin, Tiny, who travels the world with us.

Today, September 6, is our three-month travelversary! We’ve been outside the USA on our 400-day weekend since June 6. For curious mathematical minds, here’s how our trip breaks down:

Days traveling: 92
Continents visited: 3 (Europe, Asia, Africa)
Countries visited: 8 (Iceland, Finland, Russia, Turkey, Croatia, Italy, Slovenia, Morocco)

Number of flights: 7
Buses (between cities we have overnighted in): 9
Trains (RT counted as one): 8
Boats/ferries (RT counted as one): 5
Cars rented: 1

Resting our heads
Number of beds slept in: 40
Times Couchsurfing: 5
Friends we’ve stayed with: 2
AirBnB: 2
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Iceland, Unfiltered: A Candid Look Beyond the Guidebook

As the starting location for our round-the-world trip, we did a lot of research on Iceland, reading guidebooks, blog posts and Iceland’s tourism webpages. Many personal accounts told the same story: Iceland is beautiful, filled with natural wonders and untouched by the corporations that line American streets. An arctic paradise. But we read warnings too: it’s expensive and you might need to upgrade your rental to a 4×4 if you plan to drive around the island. Looking back, nothing we read told us the whole truth.

Graffiti in ReykjavíkIceland is a beautiful country — majestic, in fact — but our very first impression during our drive from Keflavík airport into Reykjavík was that it was cold (not just the outside temperature) and had a Soviet feel. Buildings are concrete slabs dotted with windows. Reykjavík felt claustrophobic, like all the buildings were placed tightly together. Where was the space? The parks? The beauty? And graffiti was everywhere. Sure, it spruced up the drab buildings, but it also made the city feel rundown. Continue reading

Textures of Iceland

This gallery contains 17 photos.

Iceland is a majestic country with dramatically changing landscape. Even though the scenery varies, there are certain attributes that remain constant throughout: the purple (and controversial) Alaskan lupine; moss; lava rocks; yellow poppies; steam from the geothermal vents; water, water everywhere; glaciers and ice patches; amazing cloud formations; and fields of green. Here is an up-close glimpse … Continue reading

Lessons From a Small Town Country

Car view of IcelandI thought I would dread the drive to Keflavík airport. The familiar “it’s over” feeling would hit and I’d wistfully stare out the Nissan Qashqai window at the lava rocks lining the road. This was the typical end-of-vacation sadness I was accustomed to. But everything is different now. We have neither a job nor home to return to. And the United States isn’t even on our foreseeable itinerary. Onward we drift, with each subsequent destination full of mystery and adventure, not the usual necessity to refocus my energy on 9-to-5 work.

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