Chiang Mai Sunday Night Market

Thai tacos

Thai tacos. A delicious bite-sized dessert. The exterior is thin and crispy and tastes like a fortune cookie. The inside consists of sweet fluffy cream and fried strings of egg yolk.

Chinese Buns

Chinese steamed buns.

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Jonker’s Walk Night Market in Melaka, Malaysia

Jonker's Walk

The beginning of Jonker’s Walk in Chinatown. Melaka, Malaysia

Kung Fu Master Ho Eng Hui

Kung Fu Master Ho Eng Hui getting ready to destroy this coconut.

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3-month Travelversary – By the Numbers

Tiny on a Camel

Meet our penguin, Tiny, who travels the world with us.

Today, September 6, is our three-month travelversary! We’ve been outside the USA on our 400-day weekend since June 6. For curious mathematical minds, here’s how our trip breaks down:

Days traveling: 92
Continents visited: 3 (Europe, Asia, Africa)
Countries visited: 8 (Iceland, Finland, Russia, Turkey, Croatia, Italy, Slovenia, Morocco)

Number of flights: 7
Buses (between cities we have overnighted in): 9
Trains (RT counted as one): 8
Boats/ferries (RT counted as one): 5
Cars rented: 1

Resting our heads
Number of beds slept in: 40
Times Couchsurfing: 5
Friends we’ve stayed with: 2
AirBnB: 2
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