Taking The Bus From Singapore Into Malaysia


Traveling into Malaysia from Singapore? Buses are a comfortable, safe and affordable means of transportation to and around Malaysia. Here is one more way you can save some money when traveling to Melaka, Kuala Lumpur or any other location in Malaysia via Singapore.

The View From Inside A Singapore BusBus companies are plentiful in Singapore, but rather than buy your ticket in Singapore and pay Singapore dollars, use public transportation to cross the border into Malaysia and pay in ringgits (this has a far more favorable exchange rate regardless of your country’s currency).

Forget about Singaporean travel agents or bus companies and take the MRT North-South Line to Kranji. Then take the 170 bus headed to Johor Bahru (JB). Be mindful of the end destination before boarding the bus to ensure you’re getting on the correct one going the correct direction. You will pay local public transportation costs, which are measured by distance traveled (roughly S$0.10/kilometer). Continue reading


A Moment to Reflect

Time has been passing by so strangely. Fethiye to Olympos cruiseIn quick bursts, a week disappears; then the past few days have stretched out in what felt like a week. We haven’t had booze the past few weeks and I’m not sure when we’ll drink again. We’ve been lucid, yearning to tip back a beer or a shot, and yet productive in our own separate ways — reading, writing, editing. Enjoying everything around us. Sometimes you just need to grab the moments when you can.

Boxing Up Our Lives

Boxes of TrashFor months I’ve asked Mike to go through two particular containers of his “stuff” that I knew he was avoiding. And now, with two and a half months until we depart for our round-the-world trip, we really have to start classifying things into stay or go categories. So instead of challenging our livers on St. Patty’s day, we decluttered, and for hours Mike sorted through those two containers while I emptied out my own. Continue reading

5 Easy Ways to Save Money

Frugal Travelaholics money tighteningYou can work as many jobs as you want to make more money for a goal (travel, a car, house, etc.), but if you can’t save it, it’s futile.  But the secret of saving money isn’t simply locking it up in the bank. You have to be smart about how you spend it, how you don’t spend it and how you view the products you could be spending your hard-earned money on.

I wish I could remember the blog on which I first read this piece of advice so I could give attribution, but nonetheless, it’s the best savings advice I was ever given. Continue reading

Why I’m Failing My Spending Diet

I’m a bit frustrated and upset with myself for not controlling my spending after I initiated the spending diet for Mike and myself. It’s hard for me to say no to a happy hour invitation, especially since some of my friends don’t know about our rtw trip and therefore our plan to be conservative in our spending. So I accept, and immediately regret my decision. In fact, I also just agreed to take a weekend trip to NYC with a girlfriend to visit a mutual friend. We’ll have free lodging and I can probably use a free round-trip bus voucher, but the drinks and food and cab rides will certainly add up.

The reason I’m having trouble saying “no” is because I find it difficult to deny myself happiness in the present just so I can save $10 for the future. It’s hard to wrap my mind around it right now, but of course I’ll want/need the money later. Continue reading

The Spending Diet – Week 1

We’ve been smart spenders since we started being more conscious of where our money is going — one whole week ago. In that short amount of time, we’ve opted out of unnecessary (near-impulse) purchases, declined invitations for long nights out and even chose to drink water during happy hour. Carrying around a mindset of “the next two beers could equal one night in a hostel somewhere” really puts your spending into perspective.

Continue reading