Taking The Bus From Singapore Into Malaysia


Traveling into Malaysia from Singapore? Buses are a comfortable, safe and affordable means of transportation to and around Malaysia. Here is one more way you can save some money when traveling to Melaka, Kuala Lumpur or any other location in Malaysia via Singapore.

The View From Inside A Singapore BusBus companies are plentiful in Singapore, but rather than buy your ticket in Singapore and pay Singapore dollars, use public transportation to cross the border into Malaysia and pay in ringgits (this has a far more favorable exchange rate regardless of your country’s currency).

Forget about Singaporean travel agents or bus companies and take the MRT North-South Line to Kranji. Then take the 170 bus headed to Johor Bahru (JB). Be mindful of the end destination before boarding the bus to ensure you’re getting on the correct one going the correct direction. You will pay local public transportation costs, which are measured by distance traveled (roughly S$0.10/kilometer). Continue reading


Answering Our FAQ

Hello world! Family, friends and strangers have been asking us the same questions during our travels. Questions like: Are you sick of each other yet? How does Couchsurfing work, and what’s it been like? Does x country sell the same brands as in the States? Were any of the countries you’ve been to underwhelming? If you haven’t gotten the opportunity to ask us a question that’s been on your mind, now is the time. We’re going to put together a new post where we answer your frequently asked questions about what the past 137 days on the road have been like. Submit now and stay tuned!

A Double Shot of Moroccan Whiskey: Your Guide to Visiting Morocco

Americans and members of the European Union visiting Morocco can rejoice, as the country requires no visa for admission. Tourists can freely travel around the country without much difficulty. Most major cities have train stations in their center, while smaller cities and towns are linked via buses. Of course, air travel is another option, but since the country is relatively small, the hassle-free nature and price of trains make it the advisable mode of transportation. Given the option, make sure to upgrade to first class to enjoy an assigned seat and air conditioning. The difference in price is usually 50 percent more, but the comfort is worth the cost for longer trips.

Marrakech Train Station

Marrakech Train Station

Reserving a train ticket can be done at the train station, and they accept cash or major credit cards (This is one of the few businesses that will accept credit cards, as cash is king in Morocco.). In most cases, tickets can be purchased the day of travel even as late as a few minutes before departure. Make sure to keep any receipts, as some conductors require them as proof of purchase. Continue reading