Top Ten Favorite Canned Beers

Chances are that if you are here, it’s because my Coachella camping hacks article sent you this way. Regardless, here is a list of my favorite canned beers that are available all year round (I’ve found some excellent canned beers that are unfortunately seasonal or brewed on a rotating basis, so I’ve cut those in favor of beers you can find anytime.).

Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPA

Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPA

Sadly, there are way too many microbreweries out there canning their beers now for me to have tried them all; these are my picks based on having tried them and drank them over the course of a 4-day Coachella weekend. I would strongly advise against just bringing beer based on the highest alcohol by volume (ABV) or you will burn out of their taste by the second day (This happened to me and Sierra Nevada’s Bigfoot Barleywine. A delicious beer, no question, but it is not suited for being a session beer in the Coachella Valley heat.). Drink up, my friends…

10.       PsycHOPathy IPA – MadTree Brewing (ABV: 6.9%)
9.         Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPA – Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. (ABV: 7.2%)
8.         Float Trip Ale – Piney River Brewing Co. (ABV: 4.5%)
7.         Hell Or High Watermelon Wheat Beer – 21st Amendment Brewery (ABV: 4.9%)
6.         Barney Flats Oatmeal Stout – Anderson Valley Brewing Company (ABV: 5.8%)
5.         CoCoNut Porter – Maui Brewing Co. (ABV: 6.0%)
4.         Harpoon IPA – Harpoon Brewery & Beer Hall (ABV: 5.9%)
3.         Founders All Day IPA – Founders Brewing Company (ABV: 4.7%)
2.         Heady Topper American Double IPA – The Alchemist (ABV: 8.0%)
1.         The Citizen Belgian Ale – DC Brau (ABV: 7.0%)


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